On behalf of the members of The Dallas City Troop, I welcome you to the Troop's website. This website will enable you to learn more about the Troop, and how, should you have the intestinal fortitude and qualities, become a member of the Troop, and be prepared to be of service to your community, the State of Texas, and the Nation. Troopers of all ages share a bond, a brotherhood, which is indescribable for those not within the ranks of those who have served.

There is a time honored tradition in our country's history of duty performed by individuals who have bound themselves together in organizations of a military nature. Some of these units, such as the First Troop, Philadelphia City Cavalry and the Boston Company of Cadets, took on the character of gentlemen's clubs, in addition to being a military unit. Other units, such as the Fairfax County Militia (George Washington, commander), New York Grays, and Louisiana Blues, attained a degree of military proficiency almost on a par with the regulars of the day. It is to these traditions that the Dallas City Troop aspires.

On behalf of the Troop


Your Most Obedient Servant,

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