As the Troop has achieved a higher profile, there have been several inquiries as to participation by family members in the activities of the Troop. Obviously, the family plays the key role in the social aspects of the Troop. However, that is not the only role family members may play and are encouraged to perform.

Everyone a rifleman is a time honored tradition of the American west, and all familiy members are encouraged to be proficient with pistol and rifle. To achieve this goal, all familiy members are encouraged to participate in individual weapons training and qualification. Additionally, the defense of self, home, and Troop Forward Operating Base is of concern to all Troopers and family members, and the Troop will train Base defense - the family members being the security element conducting Base defense, while the maneuver element eliminate the threat to the Base. Everyone associated with the Troop will have the opportunity to participate in this training.

Women with or without prior military service will serve in the Support Troop. The Support Troop contains combat support and combat service support functions. When possible, you will be utilized in your prior service MOS. Otherwise, you will be asked to peform a Military Police, Communications, or Intelligence role in the Support Troop. In the training environment,you will have the option of participating in maneuver training with a Scout Platoon,or training with a Troop HQ section.

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