MOLLE Fighting Load Carrier & Pouches

The MOLLE Fighting Load Carrier vest forms the base of the configuration, which then allows custom combat loads to be carried with the type and number of pouches and attachments required. Extenders are added to allow for the addition of the M12 pistol holster or M9 bayonet. The Quartermaster attempts to have the following on hand in woodland pattern for individual purchase. When possible, DCU pattern is also on hand.

The Trooper may obtain the following components of the MOLLE FLC system:

  • Canteen Pouch and Canteen
  • 5.56mm 2 Magazine Pouch
  • Medic Pouch
  • Grenade Pouch
  • Pistol Magazine Pouch
  • Leg Extender
  • Individual First Aid Kit
  • 100 Round SAW Gunner Pouch
  • 200 Round SAW Gunner Pouch

Many Troopers choose to use the "Camelback" hydration system rather than the canteen.


The PASGT (kevlar) helmet remains popular for its increased eye protection compared to the ACH and ICH. The last name is placed on the elastic retaining band, and embroidered versions of the elastic band (with "cat eyes") is available. Some members of the Troop prefer the ACH and ICH because of increased comfort of wear as compared to the PASGT and the ability to mount the night observation device. If wearing the DCU pattern uniform, DCU pattern helmet cover may also be worn.

The Troop does not wear rank insignia on the helmet. Embroidery of battle roster number and blood type on the elastic band is optional.


The Goretex parka and trousers allow for increased comfort in wet weather and cooler temperatures. The ECWCS is also a substitute for the M65 field jacket because of its ability to trap the appropriate amount of heat and repel moisture. There are later ECWCS nylon based versions on the market, which are acceptable substitutes for the issue ECWCS.

For wear during cold weather, as a replacement for the field jacket, a fleece liner and face fur ruffle may be added to the parka.

Wear of rank on the rank tab is optional.

Wear of the name tape on the left pocket is optional.


The MOLLE pack, consisting of the following components:

  • Main Pack
  • Shoulder Straps
  • Frame
  • Waist Belt
  • Sleep System Carrier
  • Sustainment Pouches (Optional)
  • E-tool Cover (Optional)

is used when the Troop is operating at distance from the Forward Operating Base, loaded as required by the mission.

Individual Body Armor

The PASGT vest is being replaced by IBA, as the SAPI plates provide Level IV protection, an improvement from the Level II PASGT vest. Pictured is the Point Blank and other contractors IBA OTV as supplied to the Army. In addition to the OTV, there is neck protection, a throat protector, and groin protector that can be configured as part of the IBA.

Protective Mask

The M40 is the preferred mask, with M17 series an acceptable substitute. The Troop does not anticipate operating in a chemical environment, but the possibility of employment in areas where CS gas in in use is the reason for this type of protection.

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