About Membership

Membership in the Dallas City Troop is open to all citizens of the State of Texas age 17 or over, who would not be disqualified by law from serving in the armed forces. Preference is given to those with prior military experience. Prospective members are encouraged to attend functions with the Troop, in order to determine if membership should be pursued.

The membership process is informal, however, prospective members are expected to meet the stringent standards of the Troop, in order to be granted an invitation to join. The invitation is considered by the active members as a whole, before it is extended. The prospective member is assigned a sponsor during the process, until the new member is assigned to a duty position within the Troop.

Following his election, the new Trooper is entitled to wear the unit patch and name tape. The new Trooper is entitled to vote on matters before the Troop and may sponsor new members.

Membership in the Troop entails both privileges and obligations. Troopers are expected to maintain the appearance and bearing appropriate to members of a military organization. New Troopers are expected to acquire the standard uniform and individual equipment used by the Troop, assisted by the Quartermaster. Required turnouts currently include:

  • Unit alert
  • Designated exercises
  • The Troop Dining Out
  • Designated Events as voted by the Troop

Benefits include access to the Quartermaster stores, and access to group purchases in oder to obtain more favorable prices on equipment and ammunition. Troopers also enjoy a wide variety of other opportunities: Additionally, there is a round of Troop social events, including many for the family.

Contact a recruiter for more information about membership.

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