Duties of the Quartermaster

The Troop's Quartermaster is responsible for the supply of the Troop and the accountability and care of the Troop's logistics. The Quartermaster organizes group purchases, and maintains a stock of centrally purchased items, in order to allow Troop members to have the advantage of more favorable pricing on the Troop's standard Kit. The Quartermaster assists members of the Troop in obtaining kit that meets the standards of the Troop. As an additional responsibility, the Quartermaster maintains the standard individual uniform and TA-50 list of items. The Troop has completed transition from the "old school" ALICE individual equipment of the 1980s and 1990s to the standards described in the following sections and pictured at right.

The standards give the Troop the appearance of a regular Army unit ca. 1995 to 2005.

Troopers may oder gear directly from the QM via email at QM@DallasCityTroop.org.


The standard uniform of the DCT is the woodland pattern BDU With "boonie hat" and military boots chosen by the individual. This pattern best matches the area of operations envisioned for Troop operations. An optional standard for winter or less wooded terrain, is the DCU pattern. The individual has the choice of fabrics and collar design to suit at his pleasure.

More detailed descriptions are available on the Uniforms page at the above link.

Field Gear

Individual equipment includes the MOLLE system and the ECWCS inclimate weather gear. There is a stock of items for loan and sale to assist new members to become properly equipped to Troop standards.

Ballistic protection is provided via the helmet (either ICH or PASGT), and IBA (Individual Body Armor) is highly recommended.

Arms & Ammunition

The standard long arm of the Troop is the AR platform (5.56mm) in "A2" or "A4" style with fixed buttstock, 20 inch, 1 in 7 twist government profile, chrome lined barrel. The recommended knife / bayonet is the M9, and the older M7 is acceptable as an alternate standard. Personal defense weapons are a choice of "M4gery" style AR, .45 cal pistol, or 9mm pistol as an alternate standard. The Troop uses standard military ball ammunition and tracer.

Selected personnel will be in duty positions that are designated for the 7.62mm NATO round, and would have an AR-10 or M1A.

Forward Operating Base

The nature of the Troop requires a self contained logistical system.

Current Troop doctrine requires operating in proximity to a logistical base, or obtaining logistical support from a larger unit.

The Troop will make use of a Forward Operating Base as specified in Army FM 3-21.20 " A forward operating base (FOB) is established to provide support for tactical operations. Most often, those tactical operations are associated with stability or civil support, but that is not always the case. Facilities may be established for either temporary or long-term operations. FOBs have been used extensively by Infantry battalions in OIF and OEF as a base from which to conduct operations. A FOB provides the battalion with a secure area in which to rest, recuperate, repair and maintain equipment, plan and organize for upcoming operations. It may also be used to provide a secure environment for other agencies or units to function in specialty roles."

Personal Items

Dog tags are of Army pattern

  • LastName
  • First Middle
  • SSN
  • Religious Preference

Hearing protection and carrier

The following items are considered useful when at the FOB, and greatly increase personal comfort:

  • Duffle Bag
  • Folding Cot
  • Blanket
  • Extra pair boots
  • Extra Uniforms
  • Sport Shoes
  • Shorts
  • T-shirts
  • Sweats
  • Jacket
  • Personal Preference Items

The Trooper will typically have one duffel bag of personal items in addition to duty gear when deployed.

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