About Training

The Dallas City Troop trains in military skills of a basic and light infantry innature and prepares tp operate as a dismounted recon unit. The training schedule reflects the need for non prior service members to acquire military skills, while the unit trains to achieve a level of teamwork necessary to accomplish the various missions the Troop may be called upon to undertake.

Training Objectives currently include:

  • Individual weapon proficiency
  • Basic survival skills
  • Function as part of a larger unit
  • Maintain adequate logistics to sustain operations

The Troop follows a two track training plan. There is a skill level 1 track for non prior service personnel, that has as its objective the skills acquired in Army basic and advanced individual training in the 11 series MOS. This track is designed to use 30 training days to gain this level of proficiency, and we are in the process of revising the training plan to incorporate this training into 24 training days (12 Exercises or training periods).

There is a skill level 2 track for prior service personnel and selected others, designed to teach basic NCO skills. This track is designed to replicate the Army's PLDC (Primary Leadership Development Course - now Warrior Leader's Course) experience.

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