Skill Level 1 Training Plan

The Dallas City Troop trains in military skills of a basic nature and as a light infantry unit. This training schedule reflects the need for non prior service members to acquire military skills, while the unit trains to achieve a level of teamwork necessary to accomplish the various missions the Troop may be called upon to undertake. The training plan is based on 12 exercises to acquire the necessary skills. In theory, training begins in January with period 1, and concludes in December with period 12. This allows for indoor training during periods of cold weather, and less strenous training during the hottest part of the year.

Training Period 1


  • US Constitution
  • FM 1-04.10
  • FM 7-21.13
  • TM 9-1005-319-10

This training period introduces the Trooper to his obligations as a militia member to the Constitution and the laws of the US and the State of Texas. He is instructed in the principles of the laws and customs of warfare. The use of the items composing the individual equipment are explained, and the Trooper is tasked with procurement of the same. Finally, the maintenance principles of the standard rifle / carbine are taught so that the Trooper can perform the proper care of the weapon.

Training Period 2


  • FM 3-25.26
  • FM 24-12

This training period teaches the fundamentals of military maps, use of the UTM grid reference system, military map symbols, and the principles of land navagation. The second part of the training period teaches communications methods, wire and radio, for non secure radio nets. The composition and use of the SOI, and the security requirements associated with classified documents are included in this training. Additionally, an overview of the principal unit missions, Area Security, Area Reconaissance, Screen, and Economy of Force is presented.

Training Period 3


  • FM 3-22.9
  • FM 3-22.68

This training period teaches the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship, including the battlesight zero, practice qualification and record fire. Also, the field exercise part of land navigation is conducted.

Training Period 4


  • FM 3-21.8
  • FM 5-103

This training covers the two man fighting position, range card, movement techniques, and the buddy concept. The principles taught are then put into practice by conducting a screen operation and establishing Observation Posts.

Training Period 5


  • FM 3-21.8
  • FM 3-21.20

The individual Trooper is taught how to function as part of a fire team and squad. Team and squad movement formations are taught, to include actions on contact. Team and squad movement techniques and associated decision critera are part of this instruction. The training is then put to use in the Area Recon amd Economy of Force missions.

Training Period 6


  • SH 21-76
  • FM 3-24

This training period is focused on patroling and patrol actions, to include the ambush, recon, and raid.

Training Period 7


  • FM 3-24.3
  • FM 21-75

This section teaches establishing a defensive postion, clearing fields of fire, obstacle use, and the principles of mine warfare. Included in this section of training are the use of mines as restricted in current treaties.

Training Period 8


  • FM 3-34.2
  • FM 5-105

This trianing period stresses the use of the unit SOP and operation plans, including the unit transition from peace to crisis.

Training Period 9


  • FM 3-21.8
  • FM 3-07

This training period is focused on incorporating the logistics SOP into operations, Continous operations to include bivouac and passive air defense measures.

Training Period 10


  • FM 3-05.70
  • FM 3-06
  • FM 3-25.150

This training period is focused on urban warfare and close quarters actions. Additional training material on survival, evasion, and escape.

Training Period 11


  • FM 3-21.8
  • FM 5-102
  • TC 21-3

This training period teaches the use of obstacles and the obstacle plan. Incorporating crew served weapons into the defense is presented, and the considerations required in cold weather operations.

Training Period 12


  • FM 3-11
  • FM 3-90
  • FM 4-25.11

This training period completes the individual skills of first aid /combat lifesaver, call for fire principles, vehicle ID, and TO&E military organizations.

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