Individual Preparations for Economic Dislocation

The Dallas City Troop in addition to training in skills of a military nature, also prepares the members and families of the troop for the uncertainties that are faced by individuals in times of economic hardship. Those who affiliate with the DCT are urged to make the following individual preparations, in order to make themselves more effective members of the unit, and improve the qualitiy of life for their families at the FOB.

Priority 1 Tasks

Task List

  • Obtain 2 sets of uniforms, 1 hat, one pair of boots, socks, and T-srirts
  • Obtain AR rifle and 1000 rounds of ammunition
  • Obtain FLC, pouches, 7 magazines, and rifle cleaning kit
  • Build a 6 month food supply for self and family

These tasks provide for the basic necessities of the Trooper. Completion of these tasks allow a member to be a fully functional part of the unit.

Priority 2 Tasks

Task List

  • Obtain ECWCS parka or Field Jacket with liner
  • Obtain helmet
  • Obtain additional 1000 rounds of rifle ammunition
  • Obtain cold weather gloves
  • Obtain 1 case MRE
  • Build a 1 year supply of food for self and family

These tasks provide for the ability to operate with the Troop for an extended period of time at or away from the FOB.

Priority 3 Tasks

Task List

  • Obtain 2nd pair of boots
  • Obtain sleeping bag / modular sleep system
  • Obtain MOLLE rucksack with sleeping bag carrier
  • Obtain folding cot
  • Obtain duffel bag
  • Obtain 2 sets uniforms
  • Obtain field mess gear
  • Obtain blanket
  • Obtain 2000 rounds rifle ammunition
  • Obtain bayonet / knife
  • Obtain IBA
  • Obtain SAPI plates
  • Build a 2 year supply of food for self and family

These tasks provide for long term operational ability.

Priority 4 Tasks

Task List

  • Obtain seeds for aglriculture
  • Obtain additional weapons and ammunition
  • Obtain construction materials for shelter

These tasks provide for long term living on the FOB as the situation dictates.

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